A better way to remember your medicine


Round Health is designed for people, not patients. Schedule your medicine to fit your life, not the other way around.

You pick when you take your medicine

Round offers flexible reminder windows to ensure you take your medicine on time, every time. Choose a timeframe that fits into your life, and Round will do the rest.

Reminders that actually work

Never forget a pill again because you’ve snoozed an alarm. Round sends you small, persistent, reminders throughout the reminder window to make sure you remember to take your medicine when it’s most convenient for you.

Get reminders right on your wrist

Round fully supports Apple Watch and watchOS3 with a full medication timeline and an increidble array of different watch face complications.

Tackle your entire medicine cabinet

Round makes it easy to manage and view all of your medications and vitamins in one place — set schedules, doses, and even refill reminders for when you’re running low.

Master your medicine

See how many days in a row you’ve taken your medicine and when you’ve missed. Use the historical view to discover which days you’re most likely to skip, and to improve your daily routine.

Take the complexity out of complex schedules

Round makes staying healthy simple. Set daily, weekly, monthly, or one-time reminders so you can fit any medication, at any time, easily into your life.

Never forget to refill again

Round now offers smart reminders for when you’re running low on a certain medication, making sure you refill before you run out.

Birth control, now under your control

Round lets you track where you are in your monthly pack, offers refill reminders, and even lets you snooze on placebo days.

More coming soon!

We're hard at work making this app the best of its kind. Keep an eye out for new features in the upcoming months.